For Reasons Unknown

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Peppers And These Ar moment love

I like the way you think, Coke.


Highway to the Stars by Joel Quimpo on Flickr.

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I thought the shopping bags were a bit heavy


From 34 Powerful Ads That Make You Think

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Aurora Borealis by Matti Aalto

What do you do if you’re being harassed at work and you’ve talked to ever level of management and they won’t do a damn thing?

I’m so excited to tell him

That we will be in the same branch of the military.

As I am in this hospital bed the past day plays out. It was date night bug I started to have really bad pains so bad id be crying. My boyfriend and I adventured to the emergency room at 10 it’s not 2:30 am ANC he’s still with me asleep in the corner. I must say if he’s willing to help me into a hospital gown and not make fun of me, hold my hand while the nurse goes vein exploring with an IV needle and refuses to leave the room, it must mean I have a keeper.

My biggest fear about both of us going into the military is that one of us will die before we can marry eachother

Stay focused blocked tumble on my computer. Good thing I have a phone.



Into the Mountains (by SC|Photography)